Zak brought an allegation claiming Bose spies on its users

Bose Spies on its Users

A lawsuit against Bose became news which alleges, Bose secretly collects information from its users and supplies to third parties. An individual, Kyle Zak brought an allegation claiming Bose spies on its users.

The news 

Fortune reported, “the audio maker Bose,… uses an app to collect the listening habits of its customers and provide that information to third parties all without the knowledge and permission of the users, according to a lawsuit… ”

Zak v. Bose 


Bose QuietComfort 35 [Image: Techtest]

On Tuesday night Kyle Zak, a man, filed the lawsuit in Federal court in Chicago. As a matter of fact, the complaint majorly criticizes Bose Connect, an optional application by Bose.  However,  Zak complains that the app, Bose Connect collects all available information from his smartphone every time he opened and paired the app with his Bose headphone QuietComfort 35s.

The plaintiff further accuses, the premium headphone maker stealthily collects the titles and general information for every song, podcast, and other audio files. In fact, the application transmits the data to the third parties. Regarding the third parties, the lawsuit contains a specific name, Segment which is software company mainly works with marketing firms.

However, Bose Corporation didn’t leave any comments about the controversy. Rather, according to Bose Corporation, the app works as an option. Moreover, Bose Connects is a tool to make the product experience more unique doing subtle but important jobs. It cancels noise, manages audio devices, and monitors other necessary settings.


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