Xperia Z5 vs. Galaxy S7 | edgy vs. curvy

This is a detailed comparison between the Sony Xperia Z5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7

00:33 Design & Build
03:11 Display
06:23 Sound
09:04 Performance
11:02 Battery
11:41 Software
12:55 Camera

13:31 Recap
14:48 Conclusion

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21 Comments on Xperia Z5 vs. Galaxy S7 | edgy vs. curvy

  1. Hey +Damir Franc, I wonder how the S7 Edge would compare to the Z5 if both were put on manual mode and set to their best possible settings for outdoor and indoor daylight and night conditions. The S7 Edge might have dual pixel mode but I wonder if it could really compete against the 23MP of the Z5 in outdoor daylight conditions, especially when zooming in on the pictures. I was thinking of changing my Z5 for an S7 Edge because it just looks awesome and the low light condition photo's seem way better than the "invaded by blue" hued pictures of the Z5.

  2. this is one of your funniest videos yet especially because of our last conversation ?

    it's an OK video but you are a bit bias. ignoring numerous facts that where obvious on screen while you claimed otherwise ? despite the fact that z5 has an older SD ? and 1 gig less ram it performed better.

    but i'd still pick the z5p over the s7e simply because of its ps4 compatibility, camera, 4k screen and looks. and I choose front firing speakers simply because it's quite immersive when the sound is pointed at your face, when you're actually holding the phone and facing it like users normally usually do! is quite a different experience when compared to this sound test my friends ?

    I do hope Sony is cooking up something new!

  3. Use Sony's Stock music player along with the stock equalizer. Turn on ClearAudio+ and update the software to Marshmallow and you'll regret what you've commented on the device. Hated the video only because you said that Z5's audio is shit.

  4. When you disable lockscreen the fingerprint sensor open display much qiucker at Z5. Why did you pick black version of SXZ5? gold is much better. Display: AMOLED suffers from burning out of colors when it is static brightness or it's displaying the same color too long as on the notification up bar. AMOLED is not stable technology in terms of colors. LCD IPS will always rule in proffesional graphics due to realistic colors. So saying that AMOLED is better is utterly unproffesional. I think that you just wanted to make Samsung S7 winner.

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