Xperia™ Z3 series – introducing the best ever Sony waterproof* smartphone and tablet technology

Demand great in everything with the impressive Sony Xperia Z3 series, with best ever waterproof* protection across a premium range of slim, powerful devices.

Get creative with 4K recording, fun apps and 20.7MP camera, even in low light conditions, or channel your favourite PS4 games with Remote Play gaming. Chat, watch and create for longer with an unprecedented 2 day battery life**. #XperiaDetails

Featuring the song ‘Glow’ by Iyes.

*In compliance with IP65 and IP68, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact are protected against the ingress of dust and are waterproof. Provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed, the devices are (i) dust tight and (ii) protected against low pressure jets of water from all practicable directions in compliance with IP65; and/or (iii) can be kept under 1.5 m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes in compliance with IP68. Abuse and improper use of device will invalidate warranty. For more information see…

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  1. i used it underwater, 100% fine. All flaps were closed, tested pressure, and it was ready to go. Of course, you wouldn't want to bring it more than 5 feet under water. Just avoid condensation and you won't actually have a problem.

  2. I hate you Sony !! my heart is shattered after my phone stopped working !! stop lying to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I paid so much to buy that phone :((((((((((( IT'S NOT WATER PROOF !!!

  3. My device was not wateeproof. No warranty case. Support told me the device IS waterproof but because of a corrusion damage caused by moisture inside this is no warranty case. But as a special Service I can pay 400 Euro to get a new one or pay 14.99 € to get my damaged phone back. Still waiting for it since weeks. Support says my adress can't be found by the parcel Service….. Haha first time I hear that. Crazy Sony? Maybe it is just a problem in Germany.

  4. Nix is wenn ma de Kopp schüttelt. Mein Gerät war definitiv nicht wasserdicht. Kulanz oder Garantie sind Fremdwörter für Sony. Für mich gilt daher nur noch #sonysucks und ich werde definitiv kein einziges Gerät von Sony mehr kaufen. Wie kann man sich auf Laborbedingungen berufen (das Gerät wird unter Wasser getaucht und darf nicht bewegt werden) wenn man in den Werbespots Menschen zeigt die mehr als einen Meter tief tauchen und das Gerät dabei auch noch bewegen. Ach so…. Sony zeigt ja nicht, dass das selbe Gerät danach noch funktioniert. Auch steht nirgendwo, dass dies nicht eine Attrappe ist. Entschuldung Sony. Ach und es ist nur Werbung? Wie konnte ich dummer Verbraucher solchen Bildern nur glauben.

  5. Hey Sony! How lovely that you show your device being used while swimming and diving in the water! I did that once with my Z3, yes you heard it correctly.. ONCE. It died within 2 minutes of underwater use at 0.5 meter at MOST.

  6. I bought the z3 two days ago
    I updated the software to lollipop
    I like everything about my z3 except for the batrey life!
    Sony u have lied to us.the battery barely could survive 24 hours with stamina mode on, wifi on, cell data off and screen brightness decreased.i am very disappointed
    Please sony reply asap

  7. I just got a new Sony Experia Z3 today and I loved it! The only thing that bothers me is that it makes a noise everytime I call someone I can't hardly hear the other line or watch a video (with no headset on) it makes a noise on & after the video, but when I used the headset it has a great audio! I hope you can help me regarding my concern. Thanks!

  8. Yesterday, I purchased the Xperia Z3 from Verizon after going to the store with the intention of upgrading the Samsung Galaxy S6. The very knowledgeable customer service rep quickly steered me in the direction of the Xperia after learning how important the camera is to me, as well as storage space and screen size. I've only had the phone for 24 hrs, but so far I am extremely pleased with all that this device has to offer! The only issue that I've encountered thus far pertains to the texting features. I am slightly obsesed with the IOS emoji 's that my Galaxy S5 allowed me to utilize via a 3rd party app in the Google play store, however with this new Xperia, they aren't presenting in the same format. I can see all of the Emojis that are available, but they look completely different on my screen and when I insert them in a text message. It is not until I actually send the message that they look the same as the IOS version, which is both confusing and frustrating because I can't tell until the message is already sent whether or not I chose the correct one. Is there a way to change this feature, or an app that you can recommend that will properly display all of the standard IOS emojis so that I can clearly see all of them, and know in advance what each one will look like Before I send a text so it's not a challenging guessing game??
    Thanks so much in advance for your assistance, and I hope that someone can help answer my question and resolve this rather trivial issue! 

  9. Can anybody help me with my z3 just got one for xmas and works fine up until now i dropped by an accident and i have smashed the back all of it with a littlw crack oNBC the front picked it up and it has complety bent in my hand what should i do 

  10. Živo smeće . Trebam ga držat u kornjačinom oklopu jer ako ga i malo kvrcnem razbije se i ode 300e samo za popravak. Nevjerojatno! A novi sam platio 700e ! Katastrofa! Pa računajte. Pogledajte kakve si mobitele možete kupit za te novce od Samsunga s6 htc m9 po specifikacijama i mogućnostima Sony nije mi do koljena , a da ne pričamo o testovima ekran je fleksibilam i po njemu udaraju čekičem hamerom i ništa mu nije . Ima na YouTube, gorila glass 4 preko kojeg i automobil može prijeći da mu ništa se ne dogodi i također je watter otporan .. .

  11. Dear Sirs,                                                                                                                        

    For 5 years I am an active user of SONY VAIO LAPTOP and SONY PLAYSTATION and very satisfied with the SONY products. For 6 years I use mobile phones from Apple and that what I have to complain about, that happened to me in these 6 years with any of my Apple products.

    Through the media, my attention was drawn slowly but surely on the SONY deals on smart phones and was on November 22, 2014, I became a member of the Sony family, because I bought the Sony Xperia Z3 COMPACT (IMEI 355179065283809). First of all I was annoyed that I had not sooner worried me the phone because I loved the design, battery life and until I broke the glass of the back in my pocket by the software about two weeks ago and I injured my finger , Although I have understanding that it may be different in reality than promised in the ads, but that the back so fragmented, although it has come to a pointed object, surprised me very much.

    I brought the phone to the competent charging and not surprised that I did not meet the warranty conditions and had to pay 90 TL for changing the glass back. Finally I sat down on it. It has lasted two weeks until I got the phone.

    I realized immediately that the Proxmity sensor was not working and was told by the service that the Geraet was incorrectly installed and repaired it. After all the trouble I used the mobile phone full of joy and bought an expensive protective cover to protect it from further unexpected accidents.

    But the blow came faster than expected and has brought the camel's back. Last night as I wanted to put me into the car, the phone fell out of my pocket on the ground, there was a height of 30 cm. The glass of the front and the back broke, even though it was in the case is a thousand pieces. I can not afford absolutely no understanding that the phone after a fall of 30 cm can come into this state. None of my friends can not believe it that the phone came with a simple fall into this state.

    I'm really disappointed in Sony because they have such bad use or sensitive material, without considering that there is some device (finally a '' MOBILE '') which should withstand some shock or mishaps. For me it's just firmly around held between two panes of glass with fine black-cheap plastic thing that simply join in anything. Frankly, I'm disappointed in myself that I have the Sony familiar advertising and have too little research on the user comments had experienced in the hundreds same.

    I can not understand that Sony has chosen as a marketing strategy that finally we have no complaints million per country, only a few hundred. I also do not see that it enters the warranty conditions, although the choice of the material just heard of being attributed to producers and for which the user is not enough information has been advised of the sensibility of the glass.

    I should point out that I will do everything possible to make my consumer protection claims and as long as this publicly manifest until I get my right because SONY  Turkey does not take any action and they do not give my money back or change my phone!!! Please help me about this problem as you do to your customers in the United States Of America.

    With best regards

    Burak Elibol 

  12. You need to take this opportunity to advertise your Xperia Z4 on the Internet and televisions, and are you unveiling the Z4 on Mobile World Congress or Your Summer event? A lot of people do not know you make phones, so make sure you do advertise it on television,Internet and smart phone carriers. If you do this, you will be popular like HTC and Samsung.

  13. I love the way sony mobile team reply directly to their customer even on the youtube's comment. Wish there are more sony mobile team that are as commited as andrés. You rocks.

    Wish sony best of luck! Always supporting sony products, best product with best quality.

    BTW, just got my Xperia Z3 Compact last month, it's awesome upgrade to my Xperia SP. Lag free, waterproof, front-facing speaker, overall awesomeness!

    Just don't hesitate to get sony products, you'll never regret :)

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