Xperia Z2 Review: Worth Every Penny

For our full thoughts, check out Pocketnow’s full Sony Xperia Z2 review here:

The Sony Xperia Z2 is a powerhouse – but is it one you should go out of your way to buy? Considering its limited availability in the US, that’s a serious question – and we’re here to answer it with our video review!

Need an Xperia Z2 of your own right now? Do what we did: pay the folks at GSM Nation a visit for your very own unlocked unit:

And stay tuned for our full written Sony Xperia Z2 review at Pocketnow, coming this week!


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41 Comments on Xperia Z2 Review: Worth Every Penny

  1. The price is attractive now and specs are still good, especially for non-gamer. But how durable is it? Can it be called "a solid work horse" and will it live lots of pocketing and carrying around like, well, any cellphone? Isn't the glass too slippery?

  2. I just got an ordinary headset inside the box when I bought mine. I was expecting I will get that noise cancellation headset, I am disappointed for that. About the phone, I just love it and what you have said in this review is exactly true, I love my Z2, I love SONY!

  3. Time to upgrade my old xperia z to this beauty, think its better than z3, and by the way you talk about the camera seems to work for me. Thanks good review.

  4. I am looking for a phone with a really good camera and really good headphone sound quality. The rest needs to be decent at least. I really like the design of the Z2.

    Should i get the Z2 ?

  5. I am so disappointed by the phone, after a software upgrade Wi-Fi stopped working, I have been using also Sony's smartband and the Bluetooth started to fail and in the end stopped working. After a while now without being able to use those two features the phone won't turn on again. No matter what.. It's in a deep coma showing the red led (plugged in ofc). So basically I am going back to Samsung. 

  6. can someone please help me?!!
    i am going to buy a new phone in the next 2 days but i hesitate too much between the xperia z2 and nokia lumia 930
    which one should i buy?

    i know that the z2 is largely better than the 930 but i hear people complain about that the z2 is heating too much when you use the 4k camera or when you play games…

  7. Shall I get this or the E4? Also do I need an SD card for this phone to get certain apps or is it like I phones where I won't need to? Also what's the memory like and what's the differance between the Ram and memory? And what's the camera like and the youtube quality like

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