Xperia Z2 Phone from Sony with Custom LTT Skin from dbrand… and a Surprise!

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We got this awesome Linus Tech Tips skinned Xperia Z2 courtesy of dbrand. Make sure you watch until the end of the video for a very special surprise!

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

47 Comments on Xperia Z2 Phone from Sony with Custom LTT Skin from dbrand… and a Surprise!

  1. 😐
    A happy owner of Z2 here, I just watched your review. And now I know haw to copy a long address in chrome! 😐 I can't believe I didn't know that till now! For 6 month! I know I didn't die, but I should be nominated for darwins award…

  2. Just saw I actually commented on this video 4 month ago. I just got it at christmas. Ich have to say one genreal thing about Android 4.4. WHY THE F*** IS GOOGLES STUPID SEARCH IN THE WAY OF MY TASKMANAGER??
    I HATE it. I want my taskmanager at my Home Button, the right button should open a menu for settings, widgets etc., I now accidentally open it 20x a day and its annoying. And I dont use google now at all.

  3. What really stands out about the Xperia Z2 to me is the feel of the phone. It feels rock solid, yet not too heavy. 
    The reason I love Dbrand is that they are one of very few to make high quality skins for phones.

  4. I like it that Sony have done something different in the design especially. They have truly made a unique, sleek and striking product with glass on both sides. The glass on both sides to me makes the phone look real sleek and sexy. As an iPhone user I can say it looks a hundred times better than my iPhone 5s. I also think it has a better user experience because of those front facing speakers.

  5. I like the way how the button placement is done on Xperia Z2. Nokia's Lumia devices have that camera shutter key but the optics of Sony phones are much better. And also the speakers are in great position now. I still own a Walkman music player from Sony (x-1050) which has great equalizer settings and the earphones of Sony are always good.

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