Xperia Z Ultra unboxing

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The Xperia Z Ultra, the latest smartphone from Sony, is a force to be reckoned with. It has a giant 1080p display, currently the most powerful chipset on the market, and a horde of connectivity options, as well as dust proofing and water resistance.

Before we get to the full review and comparisons, however, we had to give it the standard unboxing treatment! Enjoy!

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38 Comments on Xperia Z Ultra unboxing

  1. I'm watching this more than a year later, but this phone is still relevant! Sleek, sexy with  a gorgeous 6.4" 1080p screen and great battery life to boot. Lasts 2 days easily for me. And it has more than enough firepower to handle kitkat and lollipop. Absolutely no lags at all on Kitkat 4.4.4. Couldnt care less for the lack of flash. This is the best phablet out there for media consumption!

  2. I don't understand how Sony is doing worse on the smartphone markets than Samsung. These devices they make are gorgeous and feel premium in comparison. (and I got gs3.. well I guess I'm part of the problem 🙂

  3. hey by the way did any one see mobile geeks unboxing his unit came with a pouch and a docking station to charge the device along with the normal hands free and data / charge cable n charging block so my question is how cheap is this one compared to that !!!!!!!!!!

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