Xperia™ Z Ultra – New ways to read and write

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Discover all the ways you can get creative with Xperia Z Ultra. Play
around with your pictures and share your creations with the Sketch app.
Take screenshots, then crop and resize them however you please with the
Active Clip app. Need more ideas? Why not relax with an inspiring ebook in
the Reader app?

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29 Comments on Xperia™ Z Ultra – New ways to read and write

  1. Hello! Please stay tuned to our Facebook page where competitions are frequently held for opportunities to win new Sony Xperia devices. We invite you to participate and wish you the best of luck. 😀 – Andrés

  2. Hi! In the US it's $649.99 (non-LTE) and $679.99 (LTE). Availability and pricing may vary by country. To check pricing in other regions, please contact your local Sony team using the numbers listed on our website. – Andrés

  3. Hi Ahmed! The Z Ultra is equipped with Sony's Exmor RS sensor for mobile which has such high dynamic range it doesn't need a flash to capture great pictures in low light. 🙂 – Andrés

  4. Hello. I'm sorry to hear that. Those accessories are usually sold separately. Bundle packages may be offered by retailers but they can vary from one to another. – Andrés

  5. Hi Phu! The Z Ultra has Sony's Exmor RS sensor with high dynamic range which does not need a flash to capture optimum quality pictures in low light conditions. 😀 – Andrés

  6. SONY the best from the world!!! Great done!! it is the most genius mobile ever i can believe! i have Sony Xperia S. He was and is a great Phone. i think sony is beating apple and anothers with this technology! Thanks Sony!

  7. the phone is billion. fast cpu, clean UI, one of the best screen, water resistant and beautiful design. but their. marketing in US is piece of @$&*. this phone been out in other countrys for months already. before we even have a release date. maybe they just want to tell us. if you want to buy a badass phone you should go with other brands.

  8. i just came back from the u.s and i was so shocked at the lack of sony mobile presence that i got str8 back on the plane and left. lg, samsung, iphone and htc rule america. sony belongs to the rest of the world.

    i doubt you'll see the ultra in u.s. in the next 6 months if ever

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