Xperia™ Z TV Ad – Sound, vision, colour, detail from Sony. Featuring music from David Bowie

We have always worked to bring you new experiences and now you can enjoy the best of Sony in a smartphone. Discover the new Xperia Z.
Watching momentous events in history, listening to music wherever you go, recording moments that changed the world, playing games that shaped your childhood, capturing colourful experiences around the globe…

Music — Sound and Vision by David Bowie (Remixed by by Sonjay Prabhakar)

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39 Comments on Xperia™ Z TV Ad – Sound, vision, colour, detail from Sony. Featuring music from David Bowie

  1. this is was my first sony xperia z first it came out I switched from.iPhone to sony xperia now I have sony xperia z4 never going back to worst iPhone

  2. i watching this ad and i can't believe it, i have Xperia Z3 in my hand already 🙂 this is the best Xperia phone i have so far and i think best smartphone among other phone brand (my previous sony xperia phone Z,ZR,Z1,Z3)

  3. seriosly, i've xperia z3 for only 3 weeks and it doesn't works, because "rain" ." it was great and perfect mobile, till it mat rain for only 5 minutes… yeah, that's waterproof IP68 , yeah i must pay 350,08€ for repair, fck it because new xperia z3 compact cost 316+€ here, in SVK, i can only sell it and buy somethyng for 100€ because it's "waterproof"

  4. Do I buy a Z2 with approximately 40% off the price, or a Z3? Put off the Z3 as the specs are very similar. Any die-hard Sony fans able to help a migrating Apple slave?

  5. Im still enoying my Z1 but i must say it does have its problems from time to time (rebooting all of a sudden without any form of notice) touch screen "touch" problems once in a while . But then again witch smarthphone doesnt have its problems? I saw that the Samsung S5 was promoted as a water proof phone yet its not… My friends S5 voice speaker is broke now because he tested it with water… 

  6. The TPS-L2 cassette player in this is the same model used in Guardians of the Galaxy – incredibly rare. Also Sound and Vision really makes this ad work.

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