Xperia S – the first Xperia™ Smartphone from Sony®

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It’s faster, it’s sharper, it’s the Xperia S – the first Xperia™ smartphone from Sony® FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR RE-SALE. USE OF “SONY” BRAND SUBJECT TO REGULATORY APPROVAL

44 Comments on Xperia S – the first Xperia™ Smartphone from Sony®

  1. fantastic smartphone!! but i'm waiting jelly bean to unleash the real power of it! Please release it soon. i love this device so fast and reliable!

  2. The only risk would be that you need to have a reliable internet connection during the update. If for some reason the connection is lost during the process the software on the phone could be damaged and a repair (can be done with PC Companion) would be necessary. -Josh

  3. Hey my device wakes up in the middle of nowhere,without using the phone.can u help me with this issue?plz answer(my phone is not rooted and I have gingerbread 2.3.7 ,6.0.A.3.75)

  4. The software rollout for Xperia S started a few days ago, however the availability and scheduling of this software upgrade will vary by market and carrier requirements. -Josh

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