Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Unboxing & Hands On

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47 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Unboxing & Hands On

  1. recommend phone… i can use for 22 hours with 80% battery. i end the day with remaining 20% with screen on time 70% and data on all day…good battery, construction, speed…fingerprint is bloody fast. you do not need to push the button like on iphone. u just put your finger there n it will detect. the only down size is the speaker is not too loud, earphone jack hardware not great. if u like to hear song using earphone via phone. it is bad choice. but xiaomi had released new redmi note 3 pro. the spec was more better than redmi note 3. you got external storage for that phone, and 16 mp camera and snapdragon processor..

  2. Mi4i: Don't ever think to buy this cheap chinese phone. Their devices as well as their service centre and customer support is the worst in the world. I got this on 22/Oct/15 from Amazon, and within first 15 days I started experiencing heavy call drop problem. I contacted Xiaomi for replacement but they denied and asked me to submit my handset to service center. Since I didn't had any other choice I need to submit it to service center, they returned it back to me after 15-20 days after changing its motherboard. When I started my phone again and inserted SIM card in both SIM1 and SIM2 slots, there was no network at all, I need to revisit service center again and they said its motherboard needs to be replaced again. They have again repalced the same and gave it back to me. I felf some sound coming out of the handset now, I re visted service center again and asked them to open in front of me, they did and found that 1 screw was missing and they very easily replied that engineer might have missed the screw by mistake but the sound was still there, they said you can get your motherboard replaced once again if not satisfied. When I again tried to insert SIM card into both the SIM slots, still no network. Can anyone imagine a smartphone without network, you tell me what to do with this cheap mobile now.

    Be ware of this local mobile company, its better to get Freedom 251 rather than this one.

  3. still not better than my mi note pro in terms of performance, I feel like the finger print sensor is just a waste of time for xiaomi when they already have the mi band for their devices…

  4. @Xiao MiShop: do you have the SAR values for this phone? I hoped some info regarding SAR would be written on the back of the package, I didn't see anything related, like "SAR" or "W/kg" (I don't speak Chinese, maybe the info is nonetheless there, sorry for that in advance). Thanks.

  5. phone is not coming in india/././././//
    confirmed news….dont wait for it go for other options

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