Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB vs 2GB – Speed Test!

Heavy test of Games, apps and multitasking between 3GB Ram and 2GB Ram Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro!

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39 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3GB vs 2GB – Speed Test!

  1. Sorry, but all of you guys who are saying that 3GB is a waste of money are noobs.2gb vs 3gb will hardly make any speed difference between both phones, what matters here is the available free ram. This means you can open more apps in the background of the 3gb version and the phone will operate more smoothly. Considering the price difference is $30 I would go for the 3gb model any day.

  2. Any successful roots with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 3gb? I read online not to use Kingo to root any phone any more because of privacy issues so I did not even bother checking their site to see if it can root this.

  3. i dnt think 1 GB of ram more will make any difference if u load that many apps and games , obviously both of the 3GB and 2GB wont be enough to store that much , so if u really want to see the difference u should see how many apps and games each of them can keep in memory before they have to reload , u can try to open new apps and check every time to see if all apps is still in memory or not .

  4. The way I see it, the 2Gb+16Gb vs 3Gb+32gb is kinda what you pay for. The price difference is around the same as a proper 16Gb microSD (+1Gb memory chip?). So in a way, you can potentially get a +16Gb overall. The reason it was slower on some tests, that 's quite arbitrary. We can't see what's going on behind the scenes of the memory management, you'd need a much bigger sample size to draw conclusions.

    Loadtimes are still having to deal with the I/O of the storage to memory speeds, they are the same on both models, seeing they are similar isn't really surprising. I'm guessing you'd see more of a difference in games requiring more memory during runtime, this is probably where you could potentially see frame drops if the game requires more than 2Gb (995Mb free). So that is where the 3Gb should show a difference. The I/O is probably fast enough though, especially for games properly programmed/optimised in terms of garbage collection and occlusion culling.

    Nonetheless, still a fun and interesting test to see!

  5. Go to settings > Additional settings > Battery > Manage apps battery usage and toggle the power saving mode to off and then tell us what you get. (Provided you havent done that already that is).

  6. My Redmi Note 3 Pro had only a transparent protector on the back, and there wasn't any annoying sticker :O By the way I love this phone, it's the best for its price.

  7. how about to test the multitasking by using casual apps? like chat apps, emails, social medias, browser, music, maps, etc? we switch many apps in that sector, right?
    loads many games needs a lot of ram… and i think we rarely do multitask in playing games.

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