Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Hands on Review

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We got our hands on the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 3! Enjoy the review!

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Let us know your comments on the this phablet beast!

22 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Hands on Review

  1. what are your views on ONEPLUS X? for that price range do i have better options considering my requirements? i prefer phones under 5 inch screen, i need full hd display, a good camera, decent battery life, lag free high end gaming experience, expandable storage, smooth multitasking.

  2. I want to buy that hand set..But i'm not sure , does xiaomi has any customer care center in Bangladesh..?.. For me having a customer care nearby is a big deal..so please help me with your valuable answer…

  3. can we use sim slot as a sd card slot? i heard it from so many guys. did you know how to use sd card on that?
    sorry if other asked that question.
    waiting for the reply 🙂 ty ty

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