Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Gaming Review with Temp Check & Benchmarks

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 budget smartphone gaming review & benchmarks the new Redmi Note 3 is powered by Snapdragon 650 that has the Adreno 510 GPU and I play popular games and also test the temp after playing those games so that you can judge it’s gaming performance in this review.

My other videos on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKPI7w_D5k9cKzViS9iV3x-w

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 will be sold via Amazon India http://amzn.to/1L6TpyL

29 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Gaming Review with Temp Check & Benchmarks

  1. nice review, I have decided to get a note 3 as my spare phone. I understand there are 2 variants of note 3 running different processor.

    have you tried both?
    which is better? the snapdragon or the mediatek?

    I mostly use my spare phone for gaming.

  2. Sir, will u please post a video on how to put both the sim cards and the micro sd card at the same time in the hybrid slot…because nowadays its a major issue incase of using dual sim and extended memory simultaneously. I am a big fan of your channel Sir really appreciate your hard work.

  3. does after intensive usages or normal redmi note 3 heats up and autorotation donor work? It happened with my redmi note3 after 15 to 20 min of usage &gaming. Kindly reply!

  4. LOL, how did you get your taskmanager to look that cool :c ? When i open my taskmanager the only thing i see are icons, and on yours there are also the taskwindows :P

  5. Hello sir I didn't get antutu score more than 61000 ..
    I m using 32gb snapdragon model ..
    I m also facing lags when playing nova 3 and other heavy games…
    please tell me what to do to increase antutu score and gaming experience of my redmi note 3…

  6. it has the best processor n gpu in this price range still there is issue with nova 3 , no matter what processor n gpu chinese company puts in there phone they can't beat lenovo ,samsung ,moto, sony ! (as lenovo zuk z1 handles nova 3 pretty well with snapdragon 801 n adreno 330) !

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