Xiaomi MI6 Latest Upcomming Smartphone 2016 Full Review

Xiaomi MI6 Latest Upcomming Smartphone 2016 after Xiaomi mi4 and xiaomi mi5 Full review

Xiaomi Mi6 Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Preorder, and Release Date Info

Xiaomi will surely be coming to a store near you with the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6. The future of smartphones is almost here as the fastest growing manufacturer of Android smartphones will become a worldwide release with the upcoming Mi6. The once limited market release in most Asian markets have quickly made Xiaomi the third leading smartphone brand in the world, and will soon be feature in markets worldwide.

The Xiaomi Mi6 is rumored to be the first Xiaomi smartphone to debut in markets such as Canada, US, and others who have been patiently waiting true premium quality, budget friendly smartphones. The Mi6 is also rumored to be getting some serious upgrades, and Xiaomi intends on maintaining the consumer friendly prices. Priced almost half below that of many of its competitors such…

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