Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 FULL Comparison Review!

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Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 FULL Comparison Review!
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I got my Xiaomi Mi5 from Giztop: http://goo.gl/yYb1vq

Samsung Galaxy S7 on Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1UmaqHU

Samsung Galaxy S7 on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/258H7wi

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36 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 FULL Comparison Review!

  1. hi, i'm still confused of choosing between mi5 or r9 plus (f1plus). do you think the mi5's camera will be improved with software update in the future? could you make a full review of mi5 and r9? great video btw, i enjoyed it very much :)

  2. The software really needs improvement. The Mi 5 that I had displayed some glitches randomly. E.g. A photo shows the playback icon in the middle which isn't a video.

    The phone also feels so slippery and to activate the 1-handed use by swiping the home button and right capacitive button with 1 hand was really difficult.

  3. If you are expecting to get better battery life on Mi5 after updates, well…DON'T.

    And about price…on Mi5 we need to pay VAT, and S7 as many other phones you can by cheaper with network subscription, so for me acctualy S7 (32GB model) is cheaper than Mi5 32GB model, and i do not have to be worried to use it when it is raining and do not have to thing will i get it back and when, if i send it for reparation in China if something happens.

  4. Hi! If you use manual mode in mi5 camera with a long exposition the pictures taken at night would be much better. try 8 sec or more and see the difference. am i right?

  5. One thing which I just totally hate about all these Chinese Smartphone Brands including Xiaomi is that initially when their smartphones are launched there are a lot of bugs in their Software like Battery drain, memory management and other optimizations which affects the user experience….they fix this issues over a long period of time……While major brands like Samsung mostly have a very stable and smooth experience right from Day 1 of purchase!!!!!

  6. In India S7 is priced about 50,000 Rs OR 750$ While Mi5 will be launching for as low as 20,000 Rs or 300$ for the base variant which u have…..So u see the difference in price is about 2.5 times!!!! And Mi5 offers extra things like USB Type C and IR Blaster and MIUI 7 is one of the Best ROMS I have ever used…..!!! While S7 mainly has an edge with much better cameras! What would u say on that??Is it worth paying 450$ extra mainly for better Cameras??

  7. Are the Charging times told by u are with the supplied charger in the box or Seperate fast charger? It was really shocking to see S7 to do a lot better in battery life even with QUADHD Display while Mi5 has Same capacity battery with a 1080P Display!!Can u explain that?

  8. The biggest lead for S7 according to me are the Cameras, because as always Samsung has used the best cameras for it's Flagship!!!Except that I don't think S7 has anything better because people don't really need QuadHD Screen on their smartphone!!!

  9. A really Great and fair video, was fun and interesting till the end…. I like the way u edit and conduct the video, it retains the interest!!! 🙂 BTW u should had added the fact that Mi5 is lighter and Slimmer of both!!!!

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