World’s First Real Sony Xperia Z3 Teardown & Screen Replacement Tutorial

The Ninjas take apart the Xperia Z3 revealing insider industry secrets on how the professionals really perform screen replacements. Includes a full tutorial with every step of the process broken down.

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Before you start you will need:-
1) A heat gun, hot air gun, or a good hairdryer
2) Plastic tool set inc. spudgers
3) Jewellers screwdriver
4) Suction cup (optionable)
5) Small pliers (optionable)

Spare Parts we recommend:-
1) Front Screen
2) Screen Adhesive
3) New Rear Glass (optionable)

Important Steps:-
Remove the rear glass of the Xperia Z3. The glass is stuck down via adhesive.

Remove the battery connector and battery taking special consideration of the release strap mentioned in the…

44 Comments on World’s First Real Sony Xperia Z3 Teardown & Screen Replacement Tutorial

  1. I do have to give credit to Sony with their amazing screens. If you get a crack across the screen. the bottom of top half stops working. that's actually really smart to be honest. because then I can't go around and use it normally but in fact I have to change the screen

  2. Gaved my Sony Xperia z3 to repair it's was completed dead won't work won't charge properly. Gaved to Sony company to repair took 7 day to return the phone back but they couldn't fixed it this is poor Sony company useless what's the fukin point making waterproof phone dumb asses they still get fucked I had it for contract 2 years still left 1 year left :(

  3. hat you will be able again to the water when the draw?
    I have 3 series and after water speakers do not work properly are quiet and days after month drying remain silent compared it with other phones no way still others gllasniji even cell phones than $ 50 have a stronger sound? what you think is you need service still have a guarantee?

  4. i actually dropped my phone into water.And my phone screen doesn't turn on anymore. So I don't know if it's just my screen is broken or something else more. Is there anyway to figure out the problem(s)?????

  5. phone ninja! I need some advice. my xperia z3 just fell on its side, the power button has sunken down and the screen has lifted a little on that same side right above there the button is, should i ask a technician to fix it or is this something i could fix by myself??

  6. yeah I can't do this I don't even have the tools I'm gonna have to buy a new phone plus I'm worried that I'd just end of making the phone unusable so I wouldn't be able to backup anything important.

  7. It says a "digitizer" is needed to remove the screen in a different source but is that essentially the same as applying heat? So a dryer can be used instead?? it seems so in this video but just making sure..

  8. Hi, if I wanna just replace the front screen, do I have to do everything shown in the first part of the video? where u took out the back part? thanks

  9. when I assemble my phone the screen sticks but slightly lifts. I saw in another video a guy used gorilla glue to stick the screen, what are you opinions on this? thanks

  10. My tophalf of the touch screen is not working but all other region is working…Some times its make touches automatically without finger.. …The phone didnt drop frm my hand also….whats the problem..Z3 dual

  11. Hello, Phone Ninja's, i gotta thank you a lot for your tutorial video, how to replace the broken screen on my Z3, here in the US, Sony is not as popular as elsewhere for Smart Phones, even they are one of the best looking and advanced phones, yes they have the problems too. This is the third time that i broke my screen, yuup i'm clumsy, this time I didn't wanted to spend $150 and the headache, that the store in my area is not capable to fix the phone. so went to eBay and bought the parts, watch your video a few time and got going. took me an hour to complete but it works and like from the phone fixing store, the back doesn't fall off. Again THANK YOU, greetings from Long Island NY, USA

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