Windows 10 Mobile (Public Release) on HTC One (M8) [4k]

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NOTE: “HTC is passing on upgrading the One M8 OFFICIALLY to Windows 10 Mobile due to a small install base and the costs of paying carriers to test the update (versus any return benefit).” – Daniel Rubino (Windows Central)

Here is the Final/Public Release Build of Windows 10 Mobile running on a HTC One (M8) for Windows. I wanted to edit the video to add commentary/voice-overs, but my video editor would not import video file no matter how many ways I try to import. Must have something to do with it being 4k, 30 fps.

Recorded on Microsoft Lumia 950. Testing camera quality as well.

10 Comments on Windows 10 Mobile (Public Release) on HTC One (M8) [4k]

  1. Well another update most likely my last. Just to test out the phone I updated to the same build you had in the video. After the update I had the same issue you had with HTC Sense TV not working at all. After playing with windows 10 mobile for awhile I have gone and set my phone to go back to 8.1 until they come out with a more stable update. Issues and things I did not care for. 1) People hub and the circles. Just did not look right on the phone and who ever came up with this idea should be fired. 2) Cortana at times would close after I put in a request. 3) For some strange reason my phone had a issue going back from wifi to data and I had to always reboot after leaving a wifi area to get it to go to data. 4) I had a issue with the email notifications, they would not update but I fixed this by deleting them and pinning new ones to the start screen. 5) For some reason some images/photos on my phone had dots on them. 6) Microsoft edge does not have any options to change settings, well correction it does but they do not take or hold settings.

    So over all I do like the update but I just don't see that many differences between 8.1 and 10. I think Microsoft is going in the right direction and when most of the functions are all said and done I'll either update the phone again or just get one of the newer phones out, but for now I'll be enjoying my HTC one M8 and windows 8.1.

  2. Thought I’d give a update on my upgrade to Win 10.  Phone seems faster and all things are
    working.  Issues I’m having is the phone tends to not want to switch from wifi to data and I have to reboot it when
    leaving a wifi area I’m connected to. Also searches and using Cortana when I put in a request she will
    close.  Also when doing voice text and after I say the message she tends to close before sending the message.  I don’t like the people hub and wish they would get rid of those dumb circles and put back the squares.  I also don’t care for the text/phone screen, seems like they put so much into a small area. Other then that everything else is working.

  3. Just did the install and everything is working, even HTC Sense TV.  Phone seems to be running a lot faster.  Lost a few apps but nothing that could not be replaced.  Kind of miss the old 8.1 interface to tell you the truth but going to see how I like it for a week or 2.

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