Why the HTC one M10 could be the best smartphone of 2016!!

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HTC one M10 rumors. HTC one M10 the best smartphone of 2016.
HTC One M10: The next Generation Beast

The war of Android smartphone is going since past years. And it seems, every high-end brands want to overcome the sales of other brand. But there are few high-end brands that are going smooth in the market like HTC. While other brands are launching a phone every month to make their position stronger and on other hand, HTC is sticking with its plan and going smoother by launching flagship on its schedule.All big brands are worried about their total profits and sales as small brands have started eating their share, still HTC is growing in the corner silently. And if you are Android smartphone fans then you must be aware about the HTC One M series. And now the newest member of the series is HTC One M9 and later our flagship HTC One M10 would come on the shelves.
The Evolution:

HTC One smartphone debut in the 2013 March and this phone is dubbed as HTC One M7. The success of this…

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  1. the m10 has trumped every other phone in every category, audio, speed, responsiveness, finger print sensor, battery life, camera/video with hi-red mic's that pick up 256 X's the sound of standard mic's found in phone… you can find the camera scores on DXOMARK, the m10 tops even the new Galaxy s7 and nexus 6p. Antutu gave the m10 a benchmark score of 158,000 , while the s7 got a 133,000 and the iPhone 6s plus got 128,000. Alot of people have ignorant ideas about what makes a phone good, such as thinking the more megapixels a camera has the better the camera (this couldn't be more wrong, which the m8 and the iPhone have proven) and people often associate battery life with the size of the battery and this is wrong because a bigger battery doesn't mean more battery life. its not about the capacity of the battery, it's about the consumption of the battery, and how power conservative it is and how well it is optimized.

  2. wow Htc you have just ruined the phone… no dual speakers? well I have been loyal HTC user since the Evo 2007. I will jump ship to Samsung Note that comes out later this year..

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