What’s on my Smartphone? Galaxy S7 Edge Edition | Launcher & Apps

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In this Video we take a look at what Apps are currently on my Smartphone, The Galaxy S7 Edge. These Android Apps are the apps I use for every new Smartphone I get. From Nova Launcher & Chromecast to Zedge Ringtones & Dropbox. Watch to Learn More!

Link to Wallpaper – http://goo.gl/bAJtRN

● Subscribe – http://teqrt.io/1nGBrYL

● My Camera Gear – http://amzn.to/1OXJN9dh

Play Store Apps Chronically Listed:

1 ) Nova Launcher – https://goo.gl/89hwkn

2) Zedge – https://goo.gl/YiakP9

3) Google drive – https://goo.gl/9XbYLh

4) Dropbox – https://goo.gl/qsUuV4

5) Send Anywhere – https://goo.gl/UXi5a8

6) ES File Explorer Pro – https://goo.gl/RYXOnW

7) Google Keep – https://goo.gl/gmpVlP

8) Google Sheets – https://goo.gl/2fdiRC

9) Timely – https://goo.gl/jrsJbx

10) Today Calendar Pro – https://goo.gl/2u0lHn

11) Google Photos – https://goo.gl/BFfqnQ

12) Autodesk Pixlr – https://goo.gl/49CrmA

13) Swiftkey BETA – https://goo.gl/zl8CV2

14) PayPal – https://goo.gl/6Nb5Vb


45 Comments on What’s on my Smartphone? Galaxy S7 Edge Edition | Launcher & Apps

  1. Swipe up to show your apps…cool story bro. Just ANOTHER step you have to take before opening an app just for the sake of showing off your wallpaper. Doesn't make much sense to me.

  2. "I've got MX Player which supports virtually every video format known to man". Eeeeeh, not really. It doesn't support MKV files, making it a terrible player to use for those of us who download movies and put it on our tablets (or phones). VLC is therefore a superior media player, as it does everything MX Player does and more.

  3. Ok so many of you are dying to know how I did that gesture. Very simple. Create 2 pages, 1st blank, 2nd with apps. Make the blank screen your default home page. In Nova settings, find gestures. Set "swipe up" to "jump to page 2 (with your apps). Then set" swipe down" to jump to page 1. Your welcome ☺

  4. I'm new to your profile, only seen a few vids and I love the way you break down everything, this video especially. You described everything quick yet in depth, plus you got an awesome setup. I found a lot of apps through you so I can't wait to see what's next. In short, awesome content, great setup, subbing.

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