What’s inside the Apple iPhone 6S?

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Bill Detwiler cracks open the iPhone 6S to explore the hardware inside and look at the technology behind Apple’s Taptic Engine and 3D Touch display.

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28 Comments on What’s inside the Apple iPhone 6S?

  1. Damn, these phones are weak XD
    Like, I got 3gb ram, 8core 2ghz processor, FHD display, 16/8 mpx cameras, 3000 mah battery lasting two days and stuff and a smooth ui capable of everything for 150 bucks. What's so great about iPhones? I have a huge E written on the back! 😛 what can be more satisfying!?

  2. Without even watching this video i can tell you that, inside an iphone 6s you can find electronic components worth for 15.50 dlls and this is a fact, including the manpower paid to the chinese workers

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