Want to utilize spare time? Download WaitSuite now

Want to utilize spare time? Download WaitSuite now

When I left for England for higher studies, it made me realize that the spare time we manage to set aside from our busy schedule is a gift. The realization had struck me when I was twenty-two and soon afterward, I felt a tremendous accumulation of willpower inside that kept driving me forward relentlessly.

My way for utilizing spare time

During that time when I could effortlessly motivate myself to study whenever needed, I started to spend more time with my Asian friends; partly because they can outperform in academics and somehow they always make the best use of time.



Gradually, even I managed to pick up this habit, so I started carrying a book with me wherever I went, even now. Reading I believe is the second most essential treat for our brain, after food.

Learning has no boundary

Besides reading novels and books on self-help, one can also consider learning a new language. It allows the brain to unravel newer segments of it. And to make language learning process easier as well as effective, WaitSuite can assist you better than any other professional linguists.


My English Language

Find out more about this new and effective method of learning languages by clicking here.

Short-term interval learning

Once WaitSuite is installed, it will keep popping flashcards on the screen of a smartphone, wherever the eyes are focused on; however, the language window does not disappear until an answer is provided. With a tap of a button, the app can also display the alternate English word for the foreign word that pops up.

WaitSuite usually pops up its flashcards when your phone is trying to connect with a Wi-Fi connection or when it is trying to load contents. During these short intervals, our brain can retain newer information faster.

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According to the project leader Carrie Cai who stated,

“WaitSuite is embedded directly into your existing tasks so that you can easily learn without leaving what you were already doing.”


Users of this app claim to have learned four new words every day; hence, reaching up to 57 new words over two weeks of usage. It may not help you to speak a foreign language with utmost fluency, but it will surely improve your vocabulary at a remarkable pace.

So what are you waiting for? Download WaitSuite now and start impressing everyone around.

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