VOA News Mobile & Tablet Android & IOS Apps

Available now for free on the Apple ITunes and Google Android App stores:

The *official* free VOA news application serves your Android smartphone or tablet the most up to date and accurate news from around the world.

The international news application features:
* Customization for news content in several dozen international languages and dialects
* Enjoy photos, video, audio and text content, including background streaming of audio content
* Integrated proxy available in the settings to get around Internet blocking on Android OS
* Apple Airplay support for Apple IOS
* Breaking news push notifications
* Hear radio podcasts on demand without downloading
* Save download time and data costs with the Low-Bandwidth Mode in the settings
* Download stories, videos, and photos for offline reading, watching, and listening
* Customizable navigation items and order
* Offline-downloading and saving of news content…

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