VLOG #23 “HTC 10 – Go or No Go”

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41 Comments on VLOG #23 “HTC 10 – Go or No Go”

  1. I have the S7 Edge, and I can't say I like it. Look-wise it's the best out there, but TouchWiz is killing me. It's nowhere near better than they said it would be. I'm gonna try the HTC 10, if it doesn't work out, I'll just stick with my Nexus 6

  2. Liking the build and software on the htc 10, but just like many others, nothing really new except for a better camera which shouldn't have been an issue in the first place the last few years. Holding on to hope that they will do better and maybe I'll look into moving back to htc.

  3. I really like the HTC 10. And I happily would bypass the Samsung phone's because I hate TouchWiz and hate the fact that once I buy it I won't be able to upgrade to the new versions of Android quickly. Here in Latin America all the S6 and Note 5 are STILL in Lolipop. Now, LG G5 it's ugly as shit and the skin is ugly as fuck too. Nexus 6P? Way to big. Nexus 5x? Plastic made, not premium feeling. iPhones? boring and generic, I can't customize them or be productive with widgets. And besides, ANY of those (except the iPhone) have the sound quality and hi res audio that the HTC has. I think that if I had to put my money on a contract with a phone for full 2 years, my safest bet would be the HTC 10. obviously just in my opinion

  4. Great build quality, great speakers, smooth UI. You summed why anyone should buy a HTC 10. With all the phones that exist this day, it's hard to stand out no matter what you do. No company has done anything that remarkable with a smartphone in recent years. Advances in cameras and screen resolution and panel strength are always improving, as well as fingerprint scanners, but that shit is going on with all companies. LG is always doing some crazy shit but none of it matters.A person like me just wants a reliable ass phone that works quickly, feels nice, has a good display and sound, and takes acceptable pictures. I need the core aspects to be on point, not a bunch of innovative shoot us to the top of the phone manufacturer food chain ass features that don't help. LG modules look stupid. Samsung still bloats the hell out of their stupid phones with their backwards capacitive buttons. HTC is on point with the 10 in my opinion.

  5. HTC did a phenomenal job with sound quality if you ask me. its one of the most important reasons that I considered the v10 and then the g5 (we all know how that turned out.). HTC improved the camera as well. a tweeter on the top and a subwoofer at the bottom! come on! that's pretty interesting. HTC improved the camera in a major way. it looks like he's just upset that the screen is smaller.

  6. htc 10 is water resistant now people dont know that they took away the speakers but I agree they need to be innovative because I use ro love htc but they got boring puting out the same to similar style for about 3 years now .. thats what made me get the galaxy note 5 and edge 7

  7. m10 has no real wow factor, that's all…this device looks Decent and will perform solidly….Samsung STILL have that wow factor for another year……

  8. I heard the 10 was priced at $700…Don't think that is a justified price with the S7 and S7 Edge being more attractive and noteworthy. I mean I know its got that sound quality for music but still….

  9. I'm coming from a Nexus 5 and I'm definitely getting a 10. The 6P is too big for a phone and I hate the glass back and touchwiz of the S7/Edge.

    The HTC 10 looks like a great all rounder with solid build quality.

  10. I think the 10 is a win all the way around.

    As far as HTC's design. I dont see them any different than Apple. Apple JUST got their act together and decided to offer something noteworthy, YESTURDAY.

    I will admit that HTC needs to taking market class 101 & 102 and possibly 103 with Apply and Samsung. After that they could use a short winter class with LG on innovation. Aside from that HTC builds the most solidly performing android…. PERIOD.

    I feel the 10 will sell but should be offering a bit more at this time. Floss i believe their sales will be low not because the phone is not a Go but because they lack marketing strength.

  11. yo flossy, the 10 isn't playing it that safe. they innovated a bunch of things, camera, fingerprint/home button, dem beveled edges, USB c, quad HD, new speaker design cmon man ur scolding to hard

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