Vine Tips & Tricks – Import Videos & Add Music

One of the most requested tips is to be able to add background music to your Vines and now we are here to help you with a few easy steps! Import videos from your camera roll and gain followers with our Tips & Tricks!

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38 Comments on Vine Tips & Tricks – Import Videos & Add Music

  1. You should do a video called how to make a vine with music (only using the vine app) because my tablet won't let me. That's basically whAt I am looking for. But we have to have all of these special apps

  2. It's a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE app. This guy just does it cause he is getting paid to review not because it's a good app. Don't waste your time and money. It crashes before you even get to put music. HORRIBLE APP HORRIBLE person for telling us this is a good app.

  3. Umm don't do this you can click that button on vine which is an arrow kinda then bam you can also add videos on top of video if you want it too be longer or shorter so yeah

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