Use Your Smartphone/Tablet As PS4 Keyboard – Playstation 4 Tips And Tricks

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Video tutorial on how to use your smartphone or tablet as a PS4 keyboard. This is just one of many tips and tricks you can use with your PlayStation 4. As long as you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android device you will be able to install the PlayStation App.

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37 Comments on Use Your Smartphone/Tablet As PS4 Keyboard – Playstation 4 Tips And Tricks

  1. I'm just going to "go ahead" and leave a comment and you can "go ahead" and reply if you like, feel free to "go ahead" and not leave one too if you like. So you can "go ahead" and proceed. 

  2. Anyone know if this works when streaming gameplay to Twitch from the PS4. In other words, if a viewer types in a question on Twitch can I respond using with my smartphone?

  3. Good stuff! The "Connect to PS4" portion of the process was kind of wonky, but I got my PS4 to show-up eventually on my tablet after disconnecting and reconnecting to my WiFi. I wish there was a PS4 version of the remote keyboard Sony makes compatible with VAIO laptops. For some reason, the remote keyboard only works with PS3. Also, there's no PlayStation App for Windows yet either. Do you foresee the App hitting Windows eventually? Regardless, thanks for the video! I'm at least up-and-running from my tablet.

  4. Im using second screen function with my Vita, but it kinda suck cause when you loose connection with you phone or vita (screen goes off) you need to connect your device again, so I prefer real keyboard over this function.

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