Update Sony Xperia Z3 to Android N Developer Preview

In this video I will show you how to update your Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603 and D6653) to Android N Developer Preview

**Don’t forget to back up your data. I’m not responsible for any lost and damage.

Xperia Companion Link: http://support.sonymobile.com/global-en/xperiaz3/tools/xperia-companion/

What’s new in Android N Developer Preview?
Android N introduces several great new features for developers, with more to be added as Google continue to develop the Android N release. Here are some highlights:

Multi-window – This new multitasking feature lets users view two apps or Activities at the same time, with the system resizing them as needed to fit the device or tablet screen. All apps targeting Android N are resizeable unless they opt-out, so make sure your layouts and resources are optimized.

Bundled notifications – You can use the Notification.Builder.setGroup() method to group your app’s notifications together for easier scanning.

Direct reply notifications – Use the…

22 Comments on Update Sony Xperia Z3 to Android N Developer Preview

  1. Please help me out here!

    I just can't decide on anything these days- would you say the Concept Marshmallow roms are better than the Android N Preview roms? I do realize that it's kind of ridiculous to be torn about something like this, since both are examples of immature software.
    It's just that i'm trying to decide what phone i should get- any of the Z3 devices (Z3, Z3 compact and Z3+) or just go with a Nexus 5X, which would be a very easy, albeit not very satisfying decision (short battery life, only one front-speaker etc). I can't rule out the Nextbit Robin either.
    The Z3 can run concept marshmallow AND android n preview.
    The Z3 can only run concept marshmallow.
    The Z3+ currently can't do any of these things and it overheats, but it's 64-bit, so it's more futureproof and might be able to install this software down the line.
    Truth be told, I've grown tired of having to go tinker with my phones just to have the latest version of Android- but I just don't like the current Nexus phones.
    My current phone (HTC One S) seems to be falling apart these days, so it's kind of a pressing (and perhaps irrelevant) matter.
    Thanks for reading my comment- any advice would greatly appreciated.

  2. hi
    i can not install Android N , my phone is Z3 D6603 and i doing all steps right until holding volume down and connect to pc after that nothing happening
    do you have any suggestion

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