Two New Nexus by HTC, Mi Band Leaks & India’s Panic Button – Android Weekly

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48 Comments on Two New Nexus by HTC, Mi Band Leaks & India’s Panic Button – Android Weekly

  1. Panic button will be more useful in USA as well where girls get raped, abused & disappear and never come back and don't forget the highest crime rate of the world.

  2. Its a great idea but im just afraid panic button gets so abused that the authorities no longer take action when someone activates the panic button… I have no faith in the authorities…

  3. Kind of excited to see how the new Nexus will be designed. The 6P really did change the game last year, and up till now, has still been a phone that has been talked about more than ever. So I think HTC has a lot to own up to for the next phone. Judging from the M9, I don't really have a high expectation because the phone was just…well, not what I had thought.

    However, the 10 is hitting their mark. So it's just now a matter of how the new Nexus will get rolled out. It'll be hard to try to put out a new phone when the one before it was popular and (in my opinion) successful even 8 months after launching. Again, we'll see how it goes. There's high expectations.

  4. Prabhu C S from India – Rape happens everywhere. But it is not mostly cared more. Because India is highly cultured, it is more visible to everyone. Also the main reason is the shit FUCKING POLITICIANS. And we Indians always protect our sisters everytime and everywhere.

  5. 4 rapes an hour in India? Do some fact checks before pulling something out of your a**.

    India with over billion population ranks less than several developed countries with lot less population in rapes.

    Citing Bloomberg as source is no different than checking CNN for news.

  6. I don't think that the panic button thing is gonna work out. There are still women who don't use mobile phones and what about the people who already have existing phones without tthe panic button in 2017? And when the woman presses the panic button if she doesn't feel safe, by the time the police arrives, she would have got raped

  7. India is literally putting unnecessary bloatware on good phones just for "safety".
    You can't prevent rape by an app or self defense or installing cameras everywhere……You need to tell all boys that it is their duty to protect girls….only then India will become a safe haven. the stupid ministry of women and child welfare is as literate as my pet puffer fish!!!

  8. I paid 6000 for a Nikon camera / Wi-Fi built in and I would like to access Photos of the Companion to and from the computer. D4s camera and I or should I have said "me"?

  9. I think a Nexus phone would definitely help HTC's comeback by building some serious momentum. Many people dream of HTC's superb hardware with stock Android. If probably purchase it myself if they make a phablet model.

  10. i see al people commenting on how such button would be great. FYI. smartphones allow ypu to dial 911 or 112 quickly, without the need to unlock the phone. if we had q button for this, the only thing that would happen is that the button would be pressed by accident while on someone's pocket, purse, etc. police rushing to the scene only to find that there is nothing happening. OK, maybe, in a best case scenario it would be preseed for a serious reason. However police in most third world countries , not only India, take a fair 30 -50 minutes before arrival. Thus making this huge investment from manufacturers go to waste as it would not be used.

  11. A little bit off topic question (Just a little off, not too much)
    if you were given a choice to buy Lenovo K4 Note or Huawei Honor 5X, which one would you choose?

  12. Nexus by HTC? We're going backwards again dammit. I had high hopes for the next Nexus device since Huawei set the bar so high. But damn, guess I'll have to wait till 2017

  13. How would the panic button work? What if someone accidentally pressed it or pressed the button as a prank? Will there be a less expensive phone without the button for men who don't feel they need it?

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