Treat your wanderlust with this Updated Google Earth

Treat your wanderlust with this Updated Google Earth

Google Earth has always been quite popular for helping you better visualize the planet with its satellite imagery, topographic maps, and 3D cities. And now, the company is rolling out an update for Google Earth for web and Android. With this massive update, the virtual globe has introduced us with some awesome features.


The update comes with a new feature called “Voyager,” which is basically Google’s showcase of guided tours. Created with the help of some of the world’s leading scientists, storytellers, as well as nonprofits, Voyager feature presents you with lots of curated journeys around the globe.

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Each of the voyages is centered on a theme, such as “Earth View” or “Museums Around the World.” The first one lets you see the most mysterious and striking landscapes available in Google Earth, while the latter one gives you the Street View of 28 museums in each corner of the Earth.

Also, if you’re planning to visit places like Tokyo, London, and Mexico City, Google Earth has itineraries to show you all the best places in those cities.

I’m Feeling Lucky

The update also comes with an “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. Once clicked, you’ll be digitally transported to a random location or landmark of the planet Earth, served with a description from Wikipedia.

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The best part is this virtual globe isn’t a download-only program anymore. You can access Google Earth from any computer that has Google Chrome installed in it. you can also download the updated Android app, while iOS users will have to wait a little longer.


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