TouchWiz tips & tricks for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6!

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TouchWiz has lots of useful features and aids, and to help you get the best from it, here are our TouchWiz tips and tricks for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6!

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49 Comments on TouchWiz tips & tricks for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6!

  1. hi how are you thanks for your video I want to ask how can I control touch sensetivity on my note make it fast or slow & I searched for way to change touch sensetivity but the same steps not available on note 5 like that one on note 4 I wish you help me by the way of changing touch sensetivity for usual use

  2. I hate being OCD. I can see the pink tinting on the top half of the screen on white backgrounds. I will no longer buy AMOLED phones until they can fix this, every phone with AMOLEDs has this issue.

  3. Nova Launcher, Samsung Galaxy s6 128Gb. All the suggestions work.
    Don't let the Apple fanboys know about the LONG-PRESS. They think that only they invented it.
    All my devices use Nova Launcher. Both Galaxy (other is Note Pro 12.2) have 300+ apps, displayed over 5 screens.
    Saving power easily, quickly by switching to default launcher, or other measures mentioned in this broadcast.

  4. all samsung battery saving modes are trash ! , as a 5 year Samsung user i never saw a power saving mode drains more than when its OFF ! , even when screen is off it drinks the battery like a breathing air.

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