Top iOS 9.3 New and Hidden Features

We go hands on with all of the new and hidden features in iOS 9.3, the biggest dot update for iOS.

Check out our post for all the details:

iOS 9.3 Features: All the New and Hidden Features

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24 Comments on Top iOS 9.3 New and Hidden Features

  1. I have a question. When I double touch the id fingerprint it pushes my current app that I'm using down. And there is a whole layer on top that is blank. What is this for? Please replay back its killing me to know I'm so curious about this feature.

  2. ok i just bought an iphone 6 plus and i downloaded facebook messenger. Can someone tell me if there is a way I can have those chat head bubbles? My old galaxy was able to do it but on here I have to open messenger everytime

  3. You only have to enter the password once on the first note you use it on and then you'll get a prompt asking if you want to use TouchID for locking notes or a password, after that you won't be prompted when you lock them anymore, that's a critical point because some people complained that it asks you that – but it's only the first time.

  4. I have a iPhone 6 with 9.3 but don't have any 3D touch feature on it… Wallet cannot read any of the cards that I have tried. Not sure if special features are for US consumers only.

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