Top 8 Tips and Tricks of LeTv Le2 || Why to Buy Le2?

Top 8 Tips and Tricks of Le2 and LeMax 2
As both the smartphone has same UI which is EUI 5.5, so the software features for both the devices stays the same.

Thanks to Saurabh Nahar for letting me use the Footage from his video.
Checkout his video here:

1 – 00:39 – Universal Remote: This smartphone can literally become any remote available in any known and unknown Universe 😛

2 – 01:09 – Lock Recent Apps : These feature is one of the major change of LG G5 which is launched few hours early 21/02/2016 and this smartphone has already got it, in its own style. All you need to do is “Go to recent apps – Swipe down on which app you want to lock”

3 – 01:43 – One hand Use: As this smartphone is of 5.5” using it in one hand is really a tough job but don’t worry Le1S have you covered. This smartphone recognises which hand you are using to unlock the smartphone and gives out the lock on that side

4 – 01:59 – Real Time…

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