Top 50 Apple Watch Tips & Tricks + Hidden Features

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Over 50 Apple Watch Tips & Tricks! Also Hidden Features Made Secret By Apple. Get The Most Out Of Your New Apple Watch!

Calibrate Your Watch!

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  1. Is there anyway to get the Watch to not cancel my phone notification sound when receiving a text message? The haptic notification just doesn't cut it all the time.and I'm constantly missing text messages which are important business messages. The watch allows my phone to ring along with my watch ring. Why can't the same thing be done with the text messaging ?? I like my watch but I'm about to retire it if I continue to miss messages. Anyone have a solution ??

  2. did you know that of you hit your iphone with a sledgehammer, it goes into PDW (personal defense weapon) mode and shoots steel-melting lasers out of the camera. i dare you to try!

  3. Sure Apple says the Apple Watch only lasts one day but you can make your Watch last for two days if you meanly use it for text, call and checking notifications and turn the watch on power reserve at night.

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