Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones of 2016!

New year, new phones! Here are 5 of the most anticipated smartphones of 2016. The LG G5, iPhone 5se, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, HTC One M10 and the 2016 Google Nexus.

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8 Comments on Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones of 2016!

  1. Can the 21st come faster? Also, think of it: If iris scanning was faster and offered better security than a fingerprint scanner, why would the LG G5 have a fingerprint scanner? Also, before people bitch about the LG G5's battery life, it'll have a smaller screen, a better version of ram, a better processor, and probably some battery optimization, so it'll have the same, if not better, battery life. And a smaller battery means quicker charge time from 0% to 100%.

  2. Fantastic video Matt Moniz. I learned lots on the upcoming smartphones coming out this year.I didn't realize the LG G5 was going to be that awesome. Maybe it's a phone my wife would be interested in when the price goes down. I wish I was able to have/try them all.

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