Top 5 things missing from the iPhone SE (CNET Top 5)

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Apple brought lots of iPhone 6s features to its new, small phone. However, the iPhone SE is far from an iPhone 6s mini.

45 Comments on Top 5 things missing from the iPhone SE (CNET Top 5)

  1. It really bugs me why a lot of people make the iPhone SE a big deal! It's a freaking BUDGET IPHONE! It's for those who don't want to spend more for the 6S. GAHD! IT'S NOT THE iPhone 7!!

  2. I would of been happy if they made the base model 32GB and maybe increased the front facing camera resolution slightly. I really like the design of the 5 so this phone doesn't really bother me, it's definitely apples most affordable phones

  3. I wonder why android fans get jealous when Apple comes out with a new device. Every apple device lasts longer than your Android device. Android cannot compete with the Apples App Store. Androids play store is trash. Androids have better cameras that is all you have.

  4. Even though the the SE is $400(i think) 16GB, well in my country apple sell 5s for almost the same price as the base model of the SE (16GB,$400) but the only option is they only sell 16GB versions..

  5. Great! Now how about the top 5 iPhone features which shouldn't exist?? Like 1) 16GB iPhones 2) ever thinner iPhones we need a bigger battery it's thin enough. And so on..

  6. I'm stoked to have a 5s couldn't be happier, but it's $h@% like this, like its a cheap phone for a lot of people and apple works hard (I hope), so stop the bitching and be happy with your white life (I am also white) there's a lot more problems in our world than complaining about the front facing camera kinda sucks

  7. Why down talk on this phone? Saying Samsung is better and stuff? Does anyone else not know that Samsung also have water down versions of their galaxy S line for cheaper

  8. CNET should've fired you long time ago. I wonder how you are still working there? I can't watch more the 10 sec. This is the most polite and respectful version of my comment.

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