Top 5 Pixel Games iOS & Android

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The Top 5 Best Pixel Graphic games (apps) on Android and iOS devices. Watch the video I made with Austin on his channel:

Austin’s YouTube Channel:

The Games:
Star Dash ANDROID:
Star Dash iOS:
Game Dev Story ANDROID:
Game Dev Story iOS:
The Sandbox ANDROID:
The Sandbox iOS:
Jetpack Joyride ANDROID:
Jetpack Joyride iOS:
Mage Gauntlet iOS Only:…

28 Comments on Top 5 Pixel Games iOS & Android

  1. Awesome video! I actually made my own game called Tile Tap, and I would really appreciate it if you guys downloaded and reviewed it!

    There are three levels, and you can unlock the next level by scoring 50 or more in the previous level. If you get 50 or more in level three (VERY DIFFICULT), you can earn a game trophy, and you can view or share a certificate of your trophy. Make sure you only tap the red tile, and if you tap any other colors, YOU LOSE! The tiles move at the same speed that you tap them at, and you have twenty seconds to get 50 +!


  2. Ok ok ok. SO I NEED YOUR GUY'S HELP.

    I'm started to think I might be approaching this wrong.
    I'm making a pixel game (such as these) and I'm taking lessons on how to use JAVA not Java script and Android Studio.
    Or can this all be done within unity using its integrated Java script?

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