Top 5 Favorite Apps – iOS

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Checking out 5 of my most favorite apps that I use daily on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Top 5 Favorite Apps – Android:

1) AfterShip
2) RainbowKey
3) Upflix
4) Musi
5) Youtube Studio

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  2. Do u get all your gaming gear that you compare and stuff for free to rate it? Or do u buy it yourself? If u buy it yourself would you ever consider doing a giveaway for one of those gaming headsets? I don't think you'd need like 5 of them lol

  3. Here is a cool tip: On your iphone if you listen to a song off youtube and want to have your phone locked, all you have to do is use youtube on the BROWSER not the app then you can lock it and still hear your song/video.

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