Top 38 Best Open World Games For Android & iOS

Best Open World Games For Android And iOS to Play in 2016

This is the my biggest list of all this time top 38 best of all open world games on Android and iOS Hope you enjoy it.

Note- Some Games may Not Available For ios
Games are not Rankwise
Following are the names of games I mentioned in the list:-

Sorry cant write every link please search it

1)RPG Toram online
2)Crash drive 2 car simulator
3)Earth and legends
5)Carnivores dinosaur Hunter
6)Bad Nerd
7)GTA: Chinatown wars
8)Galaxy on fire 2
10)Six-guns: gang showdown
11)Assassins Creed pirates
13)Island light 2
14)The Shadow sun
15)RPG IZANAGI online mmorpg- sorry got mistake here I mentioned experiment z that is already in list this place is for izanagi definately check footage its a great game.
16)Baldur’s gate ll
17)The Dark Knight Rises
18)Aralon sword and shadow 3D
19)Ravensword Shadowlands
20)Aralon forge and flame 3D
21)The Amazing Spiderman 2
22)Beast Quest
23)Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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  1. Yo! Wtf is this the worst beat matching I've ever heard such a damn train wreck for so long being a DJ I gotta mute this shit! Must be royalty free cuz they can't match a tempo to save they fukin life! Wow wtf!? Budump dump budump kic-kick drum ffs let me do it I'll fix that shit

  2. Thanks for the video, but i hope you dont get this wrong, to me the real game sounds would be very important cause i play games not only for the way they look, but how they sound as well. Just a sugestion though, no pun intented. Thanks again for the video.

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