Top 3 Email Apps for iPhone 2016

While the best email is going to be subjective, we found what we believe are the 3 best mail apps for iPhone.


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45 Comments on Top 3 Email Apps for iPhone 2016

  1. Spark failed me so many times, it would never send me notifications. I missed many important emails. Now with Outlook everything is much better and I only have to worry about the important emails.

  2. AirMail looks the best, but I hate the icon so much I could never put it in my homescreen. Please hire some real designers, not just a 2 year old, and I gladly pay the 5 bucks.

  3. I was skeptical when Jeff left, but I have to admit you're doing a VERY good job!!! Keep it Up, and I look forward to watching more videos like these rather than just jailbreak tweaks!

  4. The one reason I use Inbox and previous to that Gmail on iOS, is because of the consistent single interface experience from mobile iOS and [Windows] desktop. I feel there will be other frustrations when using Outlook/Spark/AirMail on IOS and then Gmail/Inbox on [Windows] desktops.

  5. I think while airmail shows the most potential it's (for obvious reasons being very new) the buggiest. Random crashes, emails out of order, some things broken (save a draft you really lose it- a bug). Clips some long emails- a bug being fixed. A bit in an unusable/unreliable state right now for anyone using it for business though.

  6. Google’s Inbox is the best for me. I’ve been using it for over an year and never looked back. Spark is good too, I use it for my non-gmail accounts.

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