Top 25 Puzzle Games for your iPhone and iPad

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10 of the best ios puzzle games for your iphone or ipad gadget. Free and paid mobile games available on the iTunes Store.

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34 Comments on Top 25 Puzzle Games for your iPhone and iPad

  1. please help

    there is a game its kinda puzzle game

    the goal is collecting items and you can use it later

    you should get the food to feed the dogs,so the dogs go and then you keep your way

    the wallpaper of the game is


    please tell me the name of the game !!
    i forgot it!

    sorry for bad English..

  2. My new puzzle and adventure game just got released, "Ingenuity" 🙂 I am 16 and I have spent over a year developing it, so it would mean a lot if you could go check it out, and maybe even add a few stars to the ratings ;)

  3. Good video! But what about 'Puzzle Pug', 'The brave furries', 'Split my brain', 'Interlocked', 'RKS Skyline', 'Division Cell', 'Ingenious'? Is '99 bricks wizard academy' a puzzle game or an arcade game? And also want more videos on Top 10 games quarterly for android! :-)

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