Top 20 “Must Have” Root Apps for Rooted Android Devices – Part 1 – 2013 – Android Tips #9

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These are the top 20 Root Apps in my honest & humble opinion. If you feel I have missed any, please let me know in the comments.
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The phone being used is the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Timestamps and Direct Links to the Playstore…

00:22 LMT Launcher /w Pie Controls –
06:58 ROM Manager –
07:47 ES File Explorer –
09:24 Data Sync –
11:14 Mobile Odin –
…more info on using Mobile Odin to update your phone -…

46 Comments on Top 20 “Must Have” Root Apps for Rooted Android Devices – Part 1 – 2013 – Android Tips #9

  1. +C4ETECH good afternoon sir!just wanna ask if you have a tutorial on how to fix wifi problem on phone..

    My problem is..i have a strong signal with my wifi at home but in my phone it is very siblings are enjoying there phones with wifi but's you have any tutorials.i'm very much willing to watch..thanks..

    I'll subscribe to your channel!!

  2. Hey folks, i've recently moved into the Android world and I've decided to move into the root programming world with my own Battery Saver, it automatically detects your favorite settings! your screen goes off all the hardware services get switched off, bluetooth, gps, wifi, mobile data, then when you switch your screen back on it switches them all on! – for light users you could see double your battery life and more! Craig's Battery Saver (ROOT ONLY) on Android (find it on the playstore!) it's still in beta which means expect updates, it also disables itself while taking a call (holding your phone to your face turns the screen off)

    Also has a "Lost phone" feature, for example if you're walking along somewhere and you drop the phone, field, farm, whatever you then get your locate my droid tool out, but wait! gps,wifi,modem is all off, so it reports back the gps is off and modem is off and well blah blah blah, you could switch wifi and modem etc etc to conserve your battery because it's running low, so then what?

    send an sms/text message "on" and it will power up your wifi/modem/gps/bluetooth then you can use where's my droid or some other finding app to get a precise fix!

    at the moment it supports extreme power saving (turn your phone off with 100%… with this app running you could switch your phone on 3 days later and it will barely have dropped maybe 4 – 8% depending on your battery/how old/model it could be barely anything on a tablet!

    Craig's Battery Saver (Root Only) Google Play Store, if you like it give me suggestions and i'll add them :)

  3. seriously..not racist or anything but isn't such a stereotype that you have Indian people giving you 'advice' or showing things off for phones? Most videos I look at..they all got that same Indian I find it so weird

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