Top 20 Best Android Apps 2016

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➨ Top 10 Best HD Android Games 2016:
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➨ Top 20 Best Android Apps 2015:

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▣ Backdrops (FREE)

▣ Native Clipboard (FREE)

▣ Portal (FREE)

▣ Solid Explorer File Manager (FREE)

▣ Monospace Writer BETA (FREE)

▣ Enpass Password Manager…

38 Comments on Top 20 Best Android Apps 2016

  1. Instead of downloading portal app to transfer files, u can download airdroid. if m not mistaken, I think it's only for Android users. But ios users can try downloading from google site. It's a app, where u can easily transfer files or pics or music wirelessly from ur phone to ur pc or laptop. Thumbs up, so others can see this being helpful.

  2. Share Link is way better than Portal,You shoud try it it does nt even needs to scan anything.Just simple as Xender.And also there is no file size limit.You can even drag folders.

  3. Did I UNDERSTAND that when you Accept you download and install this app on the Authorisation wording it says: Allow Native Clipboard to monitor EVERY Keystroke?

  4. you don't need native clipboard for Android. something like it already exists on your phone. just tap and hold the button that goes to emojis and then out of the menu click the clipboard image ?. it not only keeps multiple texts you copied but also pics

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