Top 10 Android Survival Games BUILD & CRAFT 2016

Best survival games for Android that includes all the game elements like Exploring, building, crafting & Surviving in large enviroments. Please expect older games on this since there are not many of these gems around specially stable ones. Most look great but some have problems (bugs).

If you something to share, request or something to say, let me know.

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Best Offline FPS –
Best Offline TPS –
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Best Offline RPG –

Each game features
Huge Worlds to explore, Sandbox & Open world
Crafting tools, weapons…

40 Comments on Top 10 Android Survival Games BUILD & CRAFT 2016

  1. get "the abandoned dev" you can look up the apk cause its early access and won't let you download it in the app store, its probably the best survival game I played besides Minecraft and all that.

  2. so I was searching for awesome android sandbox games and it gives me this. survival games. I was hopeing to find something that would show games like the zombie sandbox or the space kind of sandbox games.

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