Tips & tricks: What is “App Pinning” and why should you do it?

Here’s a simple little feature on most Android phones, buried in your security settings, to help you lock one app on your screen. Pinning apps is an easy way to prevent interruptions, or a way to keep kids from getting into other areas of your phone. Do you know how to pin apps? This video will show you how!


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29 Comments on Tips & tricks: What is “App Pinning” and why should you do it?

  1. Security Tips like: Do not use Fingerprint scanner if you have important Data others shouldnt see, how to encrypt the phone /sd card and whats important about that, how to re enter lost passwords for mail accounts ike gmail, ms exchange etc. (yes im serious), how to create a secure password (like D4mn3dP4$w0rd!. ), why you should and how you use a anti virus software on a smartphone (yes on apple devices 2), how to "google is spying me and i dont want that stuff" or "how to safe battery" like: disable app services like notifications and why they suck all your energy, use the proper theme or backgroud, turn down the brightness of your screen, how energy modes work, why automatic sync like backups and email sync drain the battery, why bad reception is draining the battery…. ( i could go on for a long time 😀 )

  2. Blackberry priv Settings > Securites(under personal)> screen pinning .. or just search pinning in settings.

    been almost a week with grayscale depending on words a lot more now :p

  3. hay im using my phone in monocromecy after watching ur video . guess what my phone interaction is less now im not using my phone more often . but its like going back to the time of Nokia b/w phone like 3310 or 2100 . it is a good as well as bad experience. i cant imagine how obsess we with or color phone . i will continue using mono for 1 week then i will give u my experience………….!!!! ;D

  4. I really wish it
    1. didn't tell you how to get out
    2. worked in the phone app (you can dial a number but not much else)

    I always try to use pinning when I hand my phone off to my friend but it NEVER works correctly in the cases I try to use it in

  5. For those who have the HTC 10 it's exactly like the Nexus 6P. I just wish this guy bothered to mention it since they bothered to mention the LG G5 (which BTW is an excellent phone and deserves to be mentioned).

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