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Warmog’s Armor is a piece of armor from the popular game, League of Legends. It provides MaxHP and HP regeneration. However, it has a unique regeneration effect that is only active if the user’s MaxHP is above 3,000 and the user hasn’t taken any damage for an amount of time. Let’s recreate this effect into RPG Maker MV!

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  1. Is there a way to adapt the HP regen effect so it gets stronger the longer the user goes without taking damage?What I mean is, if the wearer goes 3 turns without being attacked, they regenerate 5% HP per turn. Then if they go 2 more turns (5 total) without being attacked, the effect increases to 10%, then the full 15% after, say, 7 or 8 turns. (Granted in my game the regeneration values would be a lot smaller, because it imposes penalties for being below 40% hp XD)

  2. Is there a way to have an ability that switches between weapons? Not allowing everything to be switched but say give a character 2 weapon slots and make a skill that switches which one is active.

  3. I think it would be great it you could recreate something akin to retaliate from pokemon for the next one, that would double or triple in power if used when an ally is dead, or on the turn an ally dies.

  4. Unless I have overlooked something to manage that better, I think there's a huge problem regarding the good ol' Poison and how it is implemented in the latest RPG Maker-versions.

    First, I kinda dislike that it is just negative HP-Regen. Even when you have HP-Regen that outweights the poison itself, I find that poison damage and HP Regen should be separated in tick-based combat systems to create brief moments of tension (like "I have good regen but now I'm damaged by the poison, regen has yet to tick and the boss has prepared an attack that could kill me with my now-lowered HP, PLEASE TICK, REGEN!")

    Second, there's no separation between in-combat and out-of-combat damage. Not everyone prefers having a percentage of their HP suddenly fade away every 20 steps even if the same amount would be reasonable in-combat. A system like "5 HP damage every few steps" and, optionally, one where the poison can be "walked off" (like in earlier RPG Maker-editions) would be quite nice to have as an option.

    So, yeah, basically, I'd like to have a Tips & Tricks-video on "Old School RPG Maker-Poison"

  5. When you pointed out that RPGMaker is turn based, and LoL is real time…it made me think of only one possible solution…

    Zelda battle system in MV! Now get to work! XD

  6. Hi! Love your videos!
    Would you by any chance have (or know of) a battle system a little like The Legend of Zelda kind?
    By that I mean seeing monsters walk around and being able to hit them, preferably still gaining exp for kills and such.

    Keep up the good work :)

  7. …and it would appear that Therese, Marsha, and Lucius are alive after all. Harold's vengeance was short-lived. I wonder if they'll be nicer to him knowing that he is willing to kill them now…

  8. Is there a way to have more than 1 certain class exclusive to certain characters, Yanfly?
    Because I'm a little confused as to how I'm supposed make certain classes on any number be exclusive to certain characters that can switch into.

  9. It doesn't related, but I see an error in your plugin "Party Limit Gauge".

    Line 580 : " this.processPLGNotetags1($dataEnemies, true);"

    It should be : " this.processPLGNotetags1($dataEnemies, false);"

    The boolean argument represent if the database object are Actors or Ennemies, false mean ennemies. But I thinks you know thats because it's your plugin. ^^

  10. This would be a really awesome piece of equipment for something like a healer in a party or any member other than the tank, to give a greater sense of accomplishment for strategically dodging any damage received with the aid of things like taunt abilities and such 😀 a really cool addition and awesome tip overall as always, thanks :)!

  11. Hello Yanfly!
    I would suggest an effect that I want to use but difficult to achieve, it is as follows:
    It is the effect of the zombies from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, when they reach 0 HP, they enter a state of "grave" which can only be killed using a certain skill in it, and if the player does not use the skill within 3 shifts, the monster returns to life with your HP to the maximum.
    I would also like a hint of how to use "Healing" to cause damage to monsters like Zombie.
    Thanks and forgiveness for my English! I'm from Brazil x.x

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