Tips and tricks for the OneNote Windows Store App

In this 1-minute video I’ll demonstrate some quick and simple tips and tricks for using the OneNote Windows Store app. Check it out!

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14 Comments on Tips and tricks for the OneNote Windows Store App

  1. cant convert handwritting to text, looked everywhere on the internet an no luck, I write allot of handwritten notes because I find it faster than typing sometimes but as far as I know there is no conversion feature like the version that comes with office, or is there ?

  2. the onenote app is really great on windows 8 except a major problem that needs to be adressed ASAP is sharing the same document through to the desktop app when the file is synced using skydrive and your not in proximity to wireless internet.

  3. OneNote is finally getting to be a GREAT app! Love how it works in the WebApp version (SkyDrive)….and syncs with OneNote on my Windows Phone 8…..and on my Surface Pro. The circular synchronicity becomes more useful, reliable and, I believe, the way of the future, with each upgrade to OneNote. Keep up the great work! I hope you can educate and sell the concept of "circular synchronicity" across the spectrum of apps/entertainment, to folks. They will come to Windows/Windows phone in droves!

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