Tips and Tricks for being ON TIME with Kids! | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

Life with little kids is crazy chaos sometimes! Trying to be places on time is no different. Toddler tantrums, trying to pack for a day out with the family, minivan madness, and trying to put on your makeup in the van… it’s never boring! Today, Jaimie shares with us some of her favorite hacks for getting to places on time, when you’re a mom of little ones. Do you have any tips or tricks for being on time? Comment down below and share them with us!

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24 Comments on Tips and Tricks for being ON TIME with Kids! | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

  1. my older 2 kids are both potty trained… but I do keep a bag in the car for them that has extra clothes and underwear incase of an accident.
    I also keep a potty chair in the car incase someone decides they need to potty by the time we are all out to the van! hahaha
    and I always make sure my diaper bag is packed back up once I come home bc I always take out the diapers diapers and trash that is in it from our outing… that way I never have to worry about packing when I'm trying to get everybody dressed and out the door! hahaha

  2. Shoes? Always! LOL Did anyone ever go through a strip their clothes off as soon as you entered the front door phase? I swear my son lived in his underwear at home and his super hero costumes outside of home.

  3. They don't take their shoes off in the car but it takes me forever to put them on in the house – I get one to sit, put them on – then she runs around, I find the other child and she sits – then I have to find the first one (usually in the closet)…. Thanks for the tip 🙂 Just strap them in so they can't run and hide.

  4. Jaimie I enjoy your videos! I'm too cheap to have multiple pairs of shoes or extras of stuff in the car. I just make sure to pack the night before. Every day. Even just for the grocery store. Looking forward to not having to do that someday. ?

  5. Great hacks I use all. I have 6 kids from 10 – 2 I don't even carry a diaper bag lol it's all in a woven basket in the back of my truck. There is no going to a bath room to change a kid we just go back to the truck ? I also keep a empty basket in the back to fill up through out the week with all the crap my kids leave in there Sunday I bring it in

  6. I prepare things the night before it really helps. I have my bag ready, snacks etc. I also work backwards on time. If we need to leave at 10:30, I say ok I need start getting everyone ready at 9. I also do a lot of getting myself ready in the car.

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