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  1. Xin chào///

    Im gonna buy one in Hanoi next month. So eager to hear bout the charge gate with no seal which often get loose after a little time using and made me frustrated before. And a feature that no other phone can satisfy me but this one, dual sim card on a HD screen and with 64 bit chipset from Qualcom 8 core. So amazing.

    Battery 2400mAh is also OK for a 5.0 inch HD screen resolution which once optimized can survive for 2 days long and even more, or as normal at leat 1 working day.

    The thing I not satisfy is screen only HD in a 5.0 inch size and bezel still thick which same same any other sony experia. And camera only 13Mpx which is not much appreciated. Sony often famous for 20.7 Mpx rear camera.

    Last unsatisfied is about bezel from policarbonate, which is not from high quality metal or aluminium, and bottom edge is a typically TOO THICK from Sony, but the do sth to make it miracly looked like Z3 with metal bezel.

    Anyway I need a DUAL SIM CARD with 8 core qualcom chipset on an HD screen resolution and at least 13Mpx and 5 Mpx camera back and front respectively. So I think this should satisfy me temporarily FOR NOW, until next dreaming phone come.

    MY NEXT DREAMING PHONE should be STH from LG, with around 7-8mm thickness and DUAL SIM card and Snap dragon 800 and neither curve nor round edge but thin and flat like samsung A5, and about 4.7 inch HD or maximum 5 inch FHD with f1.8 camera 13 or 16 Mpx rear and 5 or even 8 Mpx front camera, and with about 3000Mah Battery and

  2. Ai cũng khen tablet đẹp nhưng mà nó để duới cái khung bàn ở trên ấy lộ mỗi màn hình ra thôi chứ ko phải viền trắng mỏng vậy đâu :))

  3. tôi sẵn sàng bỏ tính năng chống nước chip từ 615 thành 410 64 bit chỉ để m4 aqua giống y hệt thiết kế của z3 nút nguồn của z3 vẫn đẹp hơn so với m4 a quả và cạnh máy vẫn làm = nhựa chip 410 là đủ để xử lý tất cả game rồi và mức giá vẫn như cũ không tăng lên

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