Tim Cook: The iPhone 7 will give us “things we can’t live without” (Apple Byte)

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Apple Music and iTunes are getting a revamp, the Apple Watch is just getting started and Phil Schiller teaches us Apple grammar rules.

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43 Comments on Tim Cook: The iPhone 7 will give us “things we can’t live without” (Apple Byte)

  1. iOS sucks balls. iTunes on my iPhone sucks even more balls. Wake the F-up Apple and make these programs simpler to use like they used to be. WTF happened to ease of use?!??!

  2. Bullshit. The genius is gone, and Apple is on the decline. All they can do now is make the existing products bigger or smaller and in different colors.

    Oh wait – the watch. That worked out so well.
    How about a stylus…back to the 90's with something Steve Jobs SPECIFICALLY hated.

  3. I've got 16/17 Gigs of music offline on my Spotify Account.Apple should create a portal that will allow you to transfer content over-I'm just too lazy to delete,& then download all these albums over again.Plus they seems to have the same artist on their playlists?

  4. iTunes needs a simpler bigger interface option. If you don't have car play it's a PAIN in the arse to quickly scroll through your music. If you don't have car play I don't know what you're doing with your life.

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