This is how you can create Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in one Android smartphone

This is how you can create Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in one Android smartphone

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is currently the most popular app for texting, with 700 million users living in different parts of the world. And the growth seems to have become more drastic ever since Facebook decided to acquire it.

Just like me, I am sure there are numerous users that want to create multiple WhatsApp accounts, similar to many other individuals who have multiple accounts on Facebook; one for friends and family, while the other one is for work.

If you also want to operate multiple WhatsApp accounts without going through the hectic process of handling two different smartphones as you move around, then this guide shall assist you.

Rooted Android devices

  • Click on this link and download this app “2 lines for Whazzap.”
  • Open the app after it has been successfully downloaded and installed.
  • Click the “grant” option as you will come across a pop-up for setting permissions and policies related to the usage of this app.
  • Subsequently, you will be able to create a new line for WhatsApp.
  • Input your number and you have opened another account on WhatsApp!

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Non-rooted Android devices

  • Download the app “WhatsMapp” from this site.
  • Don’t forget to execute a virus scan before installing this app on your android smartphone.
  • Lastly, input your second contact number, and voila, you have just created a second WhatsApp account!

I hope this content is adequately informative for you to run and operate multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single android smartphone. If you experience any issues, feel free to add your feedback under the comments section as TTN would love to hear from you.

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Please, scan the WhatsMapp application for viruses or bugs before you choose to install it. Click on this link if the previous one doesn’t work.


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