There’s a big chance that hackers have your password

There’s a big chance that hackers have your password

Mark Zuckerberg, Katie Perry, Kylie Jenner, Tenacious D., Bon Iver, and Drake have all come across it. All of their Twitter accounts were hacked due to the data breach on LinkedIn that occurred a couple of years ago. And chances are those hackers have your password too.

LinkedIn leak

In 2012, hackers managed to steal a massive amount of data from LinkedIn. But the leak is much larger than was thought until now. Last month, a hacker offered 170 million LinkedIn accounts for sale. For 5 bitcoins (about 2500 euros) you could be the proud owner of e-mail addresses and their passwords.


It does not help that many users still use very obvious passwords. More than 750,000 of the hacked LinkedIn users had “123456” as a password.

Although it’s been years since the hack, there are certainly still some risks. Because, if even Mark Zuckerberg has, since 2012, used the same password for both Twitter and LinkedIn, chances are that you do it too. However, many social networks including Netflix is now warning its users to change their passwords as soon as possible.


On the other hand, LinkedIn promises to take proper steps for the safety and security of its user’s accounts.

“Yesterday, we became aware of an additional set of data that had just been released that claims to be email and hashed password combinations of more than 100 million LinkedIn members from that same theft in 2012, “

the company’s chief information security officer Cory Scott wrote in a blog post on May 18, 2016.

“We are taking immediate steps to invalidate the passwords of the accounts impacted, and we will contact those members to reset their passwords. We have no indication that this is as a result of a new security breach. “

LinkedIn requests its users to change passwords across other sites and avoid re-use, leverage advanced security features and update regularly.


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